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Welcome to the Royalty GameZ hub where we are the ultimate providers in Game Publishing Consulting. Our company focuses on bringing the highest level of quality, product and/or market awareness and overall dedication through customized service developments. Our plans are specifically designed with you in mind. As a top client, you will receive the royal experience in customer service.

Royalty GameZ is company comprised of professional developers, tech geeks, marketing gurus and dedicated public relations liaisons. With years and years of experience under our belt, we've accomplished a great deal in the world of mobile technology and marketing. Now that we know exactly how to anticipate what kind of need our clients may have, we know exactly what kind of services we need to offer. 

So what do we do at Royalty GameZ?

We provide the royal experience.

Take A Look


We'll provide a free quote and consultations to help you with project facilitation and linking you to the right publishers. With partnerships to companies such as Lion Studios, Voodoo, TabTale and many others, we'll definitely get you in the door.


Our team will work together to make sure we create a customized way of helping to maximize your visibility as well as helping with monetization efforts. Companies like TapJoy, Chartboost and IronSource are just a few of the companies that we work with. 


At Royalty GameZ, we'll help you turn your app idea into reality. The Royalty Team will help you with determining the overall functionality and purpose of your creation. We'll present to you our exceptional work and links with great providers such as Amazon Web Services, Carina Technologies, Oracle and many others.

Royalty Services

Representing the best in ultimate servitude

Web Development

Using the latest software and the highest level of skills, our team will help with all of your web development needs...

App Development & 3D Design

By creating beautiful apps and custom designs, you'll feel satisfied knowing that you're getting a top quality product.

Digital Marketing

One-of-a-Kind digital marketing which includes SEO, Brand Building, Link Building and so much more...

Debugging & Troubleshooting

Minimizing issues by making sure that bugs and technical difficulties are non-existent.

What We Stand By

In the past, we've worked with lots of companies and our experiences have molded us into creating a pledge that we choose to honor on a day to day basis. We pledge to make sure that not only will our clients know and understand that they are our #1 priority, but that their satisfaction with our work is what we strive for. Not only will we constantly work to perfect every project submitted with services offered to them, but we will always be honest and respectful in our approach with providing the necessary feedback. We stand by our ability to give each client the Royalty GameZ treatment which consists of attention to detail, complete comfort in knowing that your work is in good hands and having an ongoing professional relationship that will last for a lifetime.   


Special & Custom Perks


Delivering the absolute best...

Expect to receive that something extra...

Going the extra mile to determine your target audience...

How May We Be of Service to You?


Monday- 9am-6pm

Tuesday- 9am-6pm

Wednesday- 9am-6pm

Thursday- 9am-6pm

Friday- 10am-2pm

Saturday-By Appointments Only

Sunday- Closed


Phone: (803)200-1210


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