iOS/iPhone Game Development

We are one of the best iPhone game development companies in the USA. We develop iPhone games with compelling storyline, rich graphical components and lively background score. As we all know iPhone has a special place for it in the global market. 

Therefore, there is a great demand for iPhone apps, especially games. In fact around 60% of the total apps in the app store are games. Engaging and interesting iPhone Games are very famous in the market, if they are developed without any bugs. Among the many categories of iPhone Games, Adventure Games, Action games and Arcade games gross the highest. More than the priced games, the free-to-play games with in-app purchases are the ones that are in demand.


Our vision is to enable organizations to reduce time to market of their games, get closer to customers and achieve long-term profitable growth. Our best iOS game development team is skilled in developing all types of games and apps starting from your idea to the finished product.

Our expert iOS game developers have the potential to develop iOS games and apps that attract ever increasing downloads. They always have something original and special on their sleeves. This has brought us among one of the top iOS mobile game development companies in the USA. We deliver rich experience in iOS mobile games development for smooth user experience. iOS Games developed by us are very impressive, wonderful and bring you a number of added features and add-ins.

Our Dynamic Game Development Process

  • We decide on the category of game that we need to develop, the target audience for whom it needs to be developed, the environment and the tools we need to use to develop the game.

  • We weigh the options and come up with a concept and a prototype of the game. We also design the game documentation which will involve all details about the game, its levels and its characters.

  • We then develop the game through the actual coding, including all the details as specified by the client.

  • We test the game to make sure it is free from bugs and decide on a release date.

We launch the game on the app store and take decisions on the features that needed to be added under in-app purchases. We also decide on the details about the next version or update.

Why choose Royalty GameZ as your iPhone/iOS Game Development Partner?

Royalty GameZ strives towards catering to the customer requirements in the best way possible when it comes to developing iPhone/iOS games. We have an expert team of game developers who are qualified and well-experienced in making use of the latest tools and strategies in iPhone game development. They have developed many high quality 2D and 3D games that have gone actually viral in the market.

  • We provide the thrill of real gaming using open GLEs.

  • We use animations, visuals and audio of the best quality in order to provide that perfect gaming experience.

  • We provide an attractive UI design in all our iPhone/iOS games.

  • We set up easy portability if you want to transfer the game from one device to another.

  • We use core animation in order to create a beautiful art world.

  • We have an art group that is completely dedicated to preparing 2D as well as 3D drawings that are required for different iPhone games.